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Allie & Lyric

Working with As You Wish Weddings and events was an incredible experience from start to finish. Annette and her crew went above and beyond throughout the whole process to help my husband and I plan our Covid wedding. From phone calls, setting up, day of coordinating, and simply reassuring me throughout the process. They allowed for our families and I to be able to enjoy the day and ensure everything was taken care of. I loved how Annette and her team focused so much on the details. From making sure my husband and I had food to take with us to our hotel to guiding and keeping up with the crazy schedule all day. I cannot recommend her enough! I truly couldn't have done it without Annette. We sincerely appreciate all your hard work and time put in to make our day magical.


Jennifer & Brian

Annette Davis is an absolutely amazing wedding planner! She makes the process professional, yet very personal. When it comes to planning a wedding, you don’t know what you don’t know. Annette has answers and suggestions for everything. She also knows lots of vendors and has suggestions or connections for anything you can imagine. She is great at listening and making your dream day come to life. She comes to the wedding day prepared for anything. The day of my wedding, my hairstylist didn’t show up… not a problem for Annette! She did my hair for me and it was beautiful!! This may be a business but Annette’s heart is truly involved in each of her weddings. She will make your day so special. I truly cannot imagine planning/running my wedding without her!

B  rynn & Austin

Annette went above and beyond what we needed and wanted, to the whole wedding process and wedding day. From making sure details were all figured out to the large tasks. The stress of planning a wedding was almost non-existent because of her! Her team was amazing and assisted in so many ways. Could not have been possible without the team! The wedding day went so smoothly and was everything I wanted and more! We highly recommend hiring As You Wish Wedding and Events!

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   S    ara & Cody

I couldn't imagine having our wedding without Annette and her team from As You Wish! I like to think of myself as an organized person but working with Annette, she is next level! She did an amazing job of asking questions while we were in the planning stages and making sure I was thinking about things for the wedding that I hadn't thought about. She came to every meeting very prepared and full of ideas. She went above and beyond and understood what my vision for the day was and made sure every last detail was aligned with it. When it came to the actual wedding day I'm pretty sure this team turned into wedding superheroes! They were there from start to the end and made sure I didn't have anything to worry about. And that coordinated with all the vendors and made sure everyone was where they were supposed to be, when they were supposed to be there. She took the setup we had imagined for the day and made it even better than we could have asked for. I would highly recommend working with a net and her team! We could not have asked for a better coordinator for our wedding and truly could not have done it without them. If you're thinking about working with a plan or coordinator- I think no more, just do it! I swear leading up to your wedding day, on your wedding day, and the days following- you'll be thanking yourself for making this decision. I wouldn't have trusted the special day with anyone but a net and her team and so thankful that I did.

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